Usa Tour '18


Are you ready for some history?

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It al started back in the late eighties (previous century) when Katrien Cornette talked Tom Ghiesmans and Hilde Denys into hosting an American. Back then Americans were rare species in Belgium.
Katrien had been working with Jon & Beverly Fuller for a couple of years, setting up an exchange program between Cape Cod, USA and Kortrijk, Belgium.

So far so good. That American turned out to be Ben Masterson, an overall nice guy.
One thing led to another. Two years later we hosted 2 kids and two years after that we were in the organizing committee.

After hosting the American kids for several times the question arose why we shouldn’t think about returning ‘the favour’.
We held a dress rehearsal in 1999 with a swimming team from Moorsele and decided to invite a local basketballclub to join the project.

Since 2004 we’ve been taking over 250 young basketball players to Cape Cod, Boston and New York.
It’s fair to say that the Usa tour’s are unique in their kind.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the¬†unceasing efforts from the Fuller familie on Cape Cod. They have been, assisted by many others, the thriving power behind the exchange program since the early eighties. The Cape Cod Sports Ambassadors are a classic case of how volunteerism can build a community and push social contacts to a higher level.

We, as the Kortrijk Sports Ambassadors, are proud to derive from the CCSA and hope to keep this wonderful relation going for many years to come.

Now, in 2017, we are already working on the USA Tour 2018. The same recipe with some new ingredients. 32 young basketballplayers are counting down the days for their own ‘trip of a lifetime’.

PLease join us in supporting them!