Usa Tour '18

You have arrived at the centerpoint of the USA Tour 2018.
During Easter holiday 2018 32 young basketball players from Kortrijk, Belgium, will embark for a trip of a lifetime.
Between now and then they Kortrijk Sports Ambassadors will hit the Streets and work hard to get this trip airlifted.
If you see them, when they talk to you, when they ask you for your support, give them a buzz and a push. You’ll feel great about it.

Latest News

Spaghetti on the rise

February 18th is d-day for the Kortrijk Sports Ambassadors. On that Sunday the girls and boys of the 2018 USA Tour are organizing their final activity: the famous spaghetti lunch. Previous editions always brought more then 450 eaters together! Let’s go for a new record! Want to be part of…

On the way

Ready for some action? Get your dacing shoes on for the On The Way party! On october 21st Bellegem will be shaking like never before. The USA tour kids are throwing a party not to be taken lightly. Get you kicks at the On The Way Party!

Pancakes anyone?

Tasty! Somewhere in September the Kortrijk Sports Ambassadors will hit the streets with the worldfamous pancakes. Don’t be shy, buy them and enjoy them. Haven’t seem them around, poke us and we’ll make sure you have them asap.

Parents and players meeting

A project like this needs a lot of explaining. Not that we like to hear ourselves talk but something are better left said.

History in the making

As in ‘we will post some of our history here real soon’